The Association is a not-for-profit professional UK accountancy body. The Association is run for the benefit of members, the public and the accountancy profession as a whole.

The CPAA is governed by a Board of Directors, which works with the Association's National Council  to ensure that the Association is being run appropriately. The National Council is responsible for representing the interests of the Members of the Association and for bringing to the attention of the Board of Directors issues which are of importance to members. It comprises of elected members who are appointed by the Association's official regions, with the two largest regions (by number of members) appointing two Representatives and all others appointing one. The Board of Directors consists of at least three non-executive members appointed from the National Council, or previous directors, and at least three executive members. The Association is proud to be member led at the same time, we are able to provide appropriate safeguards to ensure that we meet our public interest requirements and achieve operational effectiveness.  

On a day-to-day basis the Association is run by an able administration team consisting of full and part time employees. The administration team is overseen by the Management Team, which consists of the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Company Secretary/Operations Manager who all sit on the Board of Directors.      

Please click on the ‘Teams and Committees’ link to the right to find out who is involved in what teams. If you would like to learn more about how the Association is run or have a specific question please email our admin email address - Any messages sent to our admin email address will be forwarded to the most relevant person/team.