How We Regulate

The CPAA regulates its members in a number of different ways. These regulations help to ensure that CPAA members provide a high quality, ethical and professional accountancy service to their clients.

Practising members of the Association are required to complete an annual return form each year. This form gives the Association a comprehensive overview of the member’s practice, and allows us to identify members who may not be acting professional or who may need additional assistance/guidance.

All CPAA members are expected to show a full commitment to the IAESB Code of Ethics. The Association provides all members with comprehensive training on their ethical commitments. Any breaches of ethical commitments by a member are investigated by the Association and may result in disciplinary action.

The CPAA also has a full and comprehensive complaints procedure. If you are a client or employer of one of our members and wish to make a complaint against a member you can contact the CPAA who will fully investigate the issue. This could result in disciplinary action against a member, which could mean the member is removed from the Association.

The Association is a non-profit organisation constituted in the public interest. We aim to support and represent our members, though we also work to ensure our members maintain high standards.