Representing Accountants

The Association works closely with its membership to ascertain what’s important to practising accountants. We then use this information to approach the people and organisations who have an impact upon what practising accountants care about.

We are actively engaged in dialogue with UK government agencies, lenders, businesses, employers and other professional accountancy bodies. Through these dialogues we help to put forward the opinions, views and concerns of the practising accountant – in order to effect changes which positively impact practising accountants and the profession as a whole.   

A representative is sent by the Association to HMRC's Agent Strategy Group (ASG), CPAA representatives have also been active participants in the HMRC's Joint VAT Consultative Committee (JVCC). In addition to this the Association regularly identifies consultations which are likely to affect members and issues a corporate response to these consultations.    

Being part of a community of professional accountants helps to ensure that your interests and the interests of your profession are appropriately represented. If you would like more information about how the Association represents its members please email us -