Anti-Money Laundering

The Association requires all practising members to be regulated for money laundering. Under the Money Laundering Regulations, it is a legal requirement that accountancy service providers be registered with a supervisory body. The Association is able to offer a wide range of services in assisting practising accountants to remain compliant with the money laundering regulations including:

  • Advice on how to register with an organisation for money laundering regulation
  • Advice on how to ensure your practice remains complaint with money laundering regulations
  • CPD to keep you updated with the latest development in money laundering
  • Products and services which assist practices in remaining complaint, such as AMLCC


The CPAA has partnered with AMLCC (the Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Company), which has produced an easy to use online product to help accountants stay compliant with the regulations. This longstanding partnership sees the product being offered to CPAA accountants for free as part of their membership.

The AMLCC product offers the following services to enable firms to overcome the challenge of Anti-Money Laundering compliance:

  •         An online compliance manual
  •         1hr of CPD online training for all staff members
  •         Ability to perform online risk assessments
  •         Ability to perform online client verifications
  •         Secure online record storage
  •         An online reporting function
  •         Bi-monthly Compliance Matters e-news providing relevant articles and updates on the industry

To register for your free subscription you will need to hold a current valid practising certificate and enter the following code in the discount code box when registering to the full package: CPAA (your membership number).

Click here to register to AMLCC today

If you require further details about the AMLCC product please find all contact information here:

Telephone: 01455 555 468