Anti-Money Laundering

The Association requires all practising members to be regulated for money laundering. Under the Money Laundering Regulations, it is a legal requirement that accountancy service providers be registered with a supervisory body. The Association is able to offer a wide range of services in assisting practising accountants to remain compliant with the money laundering regulations including:

  • Advice on how to register with an organisation for money laundering regulation
  • Advice on how to ensure your practice remains complaint with money laundering regulations
  • CPD to keep you updated with the latest development in money laundering
  • Information on products and services which assist practices in remaining complaint


Created in partnership with supervisory bodies, AMLCC’s online platform features every tool that accountants and bookkeepers need to stay anti-money laundering compliant. And makes it easy to do so.

AMLCC offers:

  • Comprehensive online AML training for your MLRO & employees
  • Audit trail for all training
  • 100% customisable firm-wide policy & risk assessment
  • Quickly create client risk assessments (with optional reusable client profiles)
  • Audit trail for all risk assessments
  • Suspicious activity reporting & audit trail
  • Sanctions compliance
  • Live risks and mitigations dashboard
  • Automatic legislation updates
  • Instant proof of your compliance with document storage & management
  • Free software support line

Because all of this is online and in one place, an AMLCC subscription could make your firm more productive, as well as give you the peace of mind that you’re totally AML compliant.

If you are a new subscriber to AMLCC you will be entitled to a 20% discount reducing the standard annual subscription cost from £299 + VAT to £239.20 + VAT. There is also the option to pay monthly in the platform at £22 + VAT a month with the 20% discount. Please use the discount code CPAA20.

If you are an existing user of AMLCC, you will be entitled to a 25% loyalty discount using the discount code CPAALOYALTY (this code will not be valid unless you have an existing AMLCC account). This will reduce the cost of your standard annual subscription to £224.25 + VAT or £20 + VAT a month.  

AMLCC are actively supporting smaller practices and have introduced 2 further discount levels as follows:

  • For any CPAA member with an annual turnover between £15,000 and £30,000 a year, AMLCC are offering a 50% discount reducing the cost to £149.50 + VAT or £13.70 + VAT a month.
  • For any CPAA member with an annual turnover of less than £15,000 a year, AMLCC are offering a 75% discount reducing the cost to £74.75 + VAT or £6.85 + VAT a month.

AMLCC request that any firm interested in the additional discount levels complete the declaration form found here and return it to to receive the relevant 50% or 75% discount code.

 To subscribe to AMLCC click here.