Applications Process

Our application process is designed to ensure that only those accountants who meet the Association’s standards are admitted as members. As an independent regulator we are committed to ensuring that only those who meet our entry criteria and are fit and proper professionals are admitted as members.

The applications process first requires the applicant to submit an online application form. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ button on this website. This application form is designed to collect essential information about the applicant and determine if they meet our minimum entry criteria.  

Once we have received an online application form it is assigned a dedicated contact at CPAA. This contact will e-mail the applicant and request any additional information/documentation needed for their application.

The contact will then assemble an application pack for the applicant. Once the application pack has been assembled it will be reviewed and a decision will be made as to whether the applicant will be admitted as a member or not.

Throughout the application process we are attempting to establish if the applicant has sufficient technical competency and a strong commitment to ethical standards. All applicants must meet the Association’s fit and proper test.   

The application process can take up to eight weeks, though this depends upon current workload and how quickly the applicant responds to their dedicated contact. We aim to respond to all online applications within 10 working days. The applicants dedicated contact will be able to provide the applicant with more information regarding details of their specific application.  

If an application is rejected or withdrawn by the applicant, the applicant will be entitled to a full refund of any fee they have paid. An application can be rejected if the applicant fails to meet the Association’s entry criteria (see routes to membership), in accordance with the Association’s Rules and if the applicant fails to respond to the application team for one year. If you are interested in membership and would like an indication as to whether you application is likely to be accepted you can email your CV as a PDF to (please note that you will need to make a formal application through the online application form to be considered for membership).