Practising Certificate

Holding the CPAA practising certificate is a sign that an accountant has met the highest standards of knowledge and professionalism as they relate to public practice.

All practising members who hold the CPAA’s practising certificate are entitled to:

  • Use the Association’s designation in promoting their business
  • Use the Association’s logo in connection with their practice
  • Refer to their membership in connection to their practice
  • Have full use of the AMLCC product for no additional fee

If you are accepted as a practising member you will automatically be able to apply for a practising certificate by completing the Association’s Annual Return Form. As the name suggests this is an annual form, which must be completed before the end of December each year. The Annual Return Form asks questions about a member’s accountancy practice which allows us to ensure they are compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

No member is issued with a practising certificate unless they have met the following requirements:

  • Completed and returned a CPAA Annual Return Form
  • Completed an appropriate amount of CPD as defined by the Association
  • Have appropriate and sufficient insurance policies in place (the CPAA Group Insurance Scheme usually covers this)
  • Be regulated for MLR
  • Where appropriate be registered with the ICO for data protection purposes
  • Have an appropriate continuity agreement in place

The Association does not offer practising certificates to those based outside of the UK.