Q1. What makes you different from other professional organisations?

A1. We are focused upon the small practicing accountant. Many other professional bodies are no longer focused upon the practicing accountant – we are owned by and for the practicing accountant. While there are other organisations claiming to be established for accountants in practice they are often for-profit and provide little to no benefit.

Q2. Are you for-profit?

A2. No. We are not (and never will be) operated for-profit. We are owned by our membership and are operated as an independent regulator.

Q3. What are the fees? And will I need to pay any additional fees?

A3. Our fees can be found here. There are no additional fees on top of your membership fees – practicing certificates, PI insurance, seminars and webinars are all included within your membership fee.

Q4. Will I be eligible for a practicing certificate?    

A4. If you apply for our practicing membership you will have to complete our annual return form each year and abide by our rules and by-laws in order to receive a practicing certificate.  

Q5. My practice has multiple directors/partners, will all directors/partners have to join the CPAA?

A5. We require at least 51% of all directors/partners to be members of the Association. Additional directors/partners will be eligible to pay significantly reduced fees.  

Q6. Can I carry out statutory/external audit work?

A6. The Association cannot license you to conduct statutory/external audit work.

Q7. How long does an application usually take? 

A7. Applications can take up to eight weeks, though this depends upon workload and how quickly the applicant responds to their dedicated contact.

Q8. Will I get a refund if my application is rejected?

A8. If your application is rejected, or you withdraw your application, you will receive a full refund of any fees you have paid.

Q9. I am looking to advance my career in accountancy. Will CPAA membership help me? 

A9. If you are working in a small accountancy practice or own/operate a small accountancy practice then CPAA membership can provide you with invaluable support and representation. If you are looking to advance your career in industry or larger audit firms, CPAA membership may not be right for you. 

Q10. What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact us is through our admin email - admin@cpaa.co.uk