Business Rescue & Insolvency Support for CPAA Members

Monday, August 3, 2015

Ensuring you have somewhere to turn to for advice if a client is struggling with insolvency can be vitally important. A reliable support system can help to spot an issue early, gain the right advice, and hopefully turn the client around and back to being solvent again.

We're delighted to announce that FA Simms & Partners are the CPAA recommended partner for business rescue and insolvency advice.

A free national helpline, free initial consultations and opportunities to provide a speaker at regional events are all available to CPAA members.

CPAA Helpline Details


The helpline will allow CPAA members to speak directly with one of 4 Insolvency Practitioners where they will receive high quality, technical advice. Areas of advice include:

  • Cash flow advice
  • HMRC pressure support
  • Helping to deal with legal action threatened by creditors
  • Business rescue support
  • Small business Insolvency 
  • Solvent liquidations

About F A Simms & Partners

FA Simms & Partners are a national Insolvency & Business Rescue firm and their services are available to all CPAA Members across the UK who may require help and advice with regards to their clients.

They provide CPAA members with the option of a free and confidential initial meeting with regards to any of their limited company clients and are used to dealing with micro, small and medium sized businesses that have a turnover of between £20,000 - £1million.

The free consultation is a chance to better understand the situation of the client and discovering the best move going forward that all parties are comfortable with.

With their head office based in Leicestershire, they have a further 9 satellite offices across England including a central London based office and a central Manchester based office:

The free helpline number is: 0845 618 0215. Alternatively you can email any query over to:

Presentation Opportunities

F A Simms & Partners are available to present at local and national meetings. The topics they can cover include:

  • Insolvency warning signs
  • Issues that impact on cash flow
  • Guidance on solvent and insolvent liquidation processes
  • Business rescue guidance

For each presentation one of their Insolvency Practitioners will run through the chosen presentation for the desired time given. They will bring along with them some help sheets and presentation notes for the topic chosen and will be available for any questions attendees may have with regards the presentation topic or indeed anything else insolvency related.