Monday, September 9, 2019

The Association held another successful AGM on Friday the 6th of September. All motions were passed.

The Association held another successful AGM on Friday the 6th of September. All motions were passed, including a special resolution to adopt new Articles of Association. These new Articles introduce some significant changes to the Association’s governance structure, which will ensure greater member involvement and help to ensure the continued successful management of the organisation.

Under the new Articles a National Council, consisting of Representatives from each of the thirteen regions of the Association will be formed. This National Council will have a responsibility to represent the views and interests of Association Members. It will meet twice a year and be given the opportunity to take votes on key issues which will affect Members.

Three Members of the National Council will be selected by the Board of Directors to join the Board and act as non-executive directors of the Association. The Articles require their to also be at least three executive directors – the Chairman of the Association, the Deputy Chairman of the Association, and the Company Secretary. The Board of Directors will be responsible for the overall management of the Association, with the executive directors taking more day-to-day responsibilities.

As part of a transition period all existing directors will remain in post and complete their terms, except for Bruce Mummery who has now retired from his position as director within CPAA.

The National Council will be able to pass motions which the Board of Directors must adopt, unless the motion is to interfere with the smooth operation of the Association or will unreasonably disadvantage other stakeholders. The Board of Directors will have to balance the interests of all stakeholders and the Association’s public interest responsibilities.

As each Representative will be elected by a region all Members will be assigned a specific region for which they will elect a Representative. These regions will be assigned based on your geographical location. For those Members who have been with the Association for some time this maybe the location you where you were based when you joined. We aim to inform all Members of their Branch ahead of the elections next year. If you would like to change your region, you must let us know and explain the reasons for this (for example, you regularly attend a seminar in a different region).

Participation in the National Council will be key to ensuring that Members’ views are represented and to the ongoing success of the Association. More information will be sent to Members about the National Council in the coming months. It is envisioned that the first National Council will sit in September 2020, with elections taking place after the March seminars. Please keep an eye out for more information over the coming months, if you are interested in participating in the National Council.