Non-Practising Membership Offer

Monday, July 13, 2015

A significant number of CPAA members are employers, and the Association is keen to support them (and their employees) wherever it can.


Staff training is a key ingredient for a successful practice, whatever its size, and smaller practices often suffer disproportionately when compared to larger firms which have the resources to put in place formal training programmes. 

Apart from developing  technical skills and knowledge, keeping the team up to date with such matters as Anti-Money Laundering procedures and Health & Safety issues can be a burden for the smaller firm.

To play its part in easing this, the Association offers non-practising membership which is aimed at accounting staff who do not practice in their own names – typically senior and junior staff employed by Associate or fellow full members.

In return for an annual subscription of £215, the non-practising member will have access to all of the training material available through the Association’s Training Portal and will be entitled to attend Branch seminars which include valuable CPD content.

Says Branch Liaison Director Bruce Mummery: “I’ve had the pleasure of visiting several of our Branches, and the overwhelming opinion is that our members value the opportunity to get together, not just to listen to speakers and to take in the CPD material, but to share experience and to discuss professional issues.

“Non-practising membership extends this opportunity to our members’ staff,  giving them not only valuable access to training but positive engagement with the CPAA. I encourage all our members who employ staff in turn to encourage their employees to join the Association as non-practising members, so that they feel more part of their firm and of the Association,” he concludes.


this article was amended in January 2016 to reflect new fees applicable to non-practising members, which took effect from the 01/01/2016 for more information on the fee changes please contact us