We regret that you feel you need to make a complaint against the Association. We always aim to act with the highest degree of professionalism, however we do acknowledge that sometimes we will fall short of our own high standards.

The below procedure should be followed in the event you have a valid complaint against a CPAA employee, official, contractor or third-party partner. This procedure is in accordance with the Association’s ‘Complaints Policy’ which can be accessed here. We advise that you read and understand this policy before making a complaint.

Please put your complaint in writing. You should address this to the Company Secretary and post it to the Association’s offices or e-mail it directly to the Company Secretary. It will help us to resolve your complaint if you are able to be as specific as possible. Where appropriate you should detail relevant names, places and dates. It will also help if you send any copies of evidence relevant to your complaint.  

We will be unable to investigate any of the following types of complaint under this policy:

  • Anonymous Complaints
  • Malicious Complaints
  • Vexatious Complaints
  • Persistent Complaints
  • Abusive or Aggressive Complaints
  • Complaints Against Members of the CPAA not acting as an Official or Employee of the CPAA (to complain against a member please see the ‘Member Complaints’ section of our website by clicking here)

Once your complaint has been submitted and received we will aim to issue an acknowledgement within five working days. Within twenty days of the complaint being received we aim to either issue a full response to you or inform you as to the steps taken to address your complaint and how it will be processed going forward.  

Once a complaint has been received the Company Secretary will commence an investigation into the complaint. If appropriate the investigation of the complaint will be delegated by the Company Secretary to another person within the CPAA. All investigations are documented and records are kept for a minimum of two years.