Assessment Information


Our assessments are conducted online which means students can take them from the comfort of their own home or office. Each qualification is made up of three assessments and you must pass each of these assessments in order to gain the qualification. Our assessments are made up of objective based questions (mostly multiple choice) with a total possible mark of 60. The time limit for each assessment is 2 hours.


The assessment delivery system we use is called 'Cirrus'. You can find out more information about Cirrus here:


To ensure the validity and security of our assessments, all our exams will be virtually proctored. This means that students will be connected to a proctor who will watch their screen during the assessment to make sure they are not cheating. The proctor will also have access to the camera and microphone for the duration of the assessment to check for any prohibited activity. The proctoring service we use is called 'ProctorU' and more information about them can be found here:




To be able to take our assessments there are certain technical requirements that must be met, more information about this and about the proctoring process can be found in the documents below.


Test-Taker Handout



Exam Preparations



Screen Sharing



Technical Requirements