Qualification Fees

The Association charges fees to students. These fees enable the Association to operate and develop its qualifications and student support and better promote qualifications offered by us. Failure to make payment of fees will result in student support services being removed and will prevent the student from being able to take assessments.  

Failure of students to pay fees within two months of them becoming due will result in their membership being cancelled. This will mean the student cannot continue their studies until they have re-joined as a registered student. 

Fees are reviewed annually.



Amount (£)

Joining Fee

This fee is charged to help cover the costs associated with admitting a new student. The fee is a one-off charge applied to any individual registering. Once you have joined you will be sent the PDF textbooks for the qualification. Once you have received the textbooks you will not be able to get a refund.


Student Membership Fee

This fee is charged annually to cover costs associated with maintaining student records. The fee becomes payable upon the member’s anniversary of joining.



This fee is charged to cover the cost of developing and delivering the qualifications.



If the student’s membership lapses and they wish to re-join, they must pay this fee. This fee helps to cover the administrative costs associated with re-admitting a student.


Exemption Charge

(Per Paper)

This fee is charged for each exemption a student wishes to claim. This fee helps to cover the administrative costs associated with evaluating the exemption claim. This fee is non-refundable, in the event that the exemption claim is rejected for any reason.


Additional Certificate/Re-Issue

Students are issued one certificate for each CPAA qualification they complete. Some students may wish for an additional certificate or may want a new certificate to replace a damaged or lost certificate. This fee covers costs associated with issuing an additional certificate.