AGM 2020 FAQ

Q. Are you increasing the fees?

A. No. The fee changes being proposed will ensure that there are no discrepancies between Fellow and Associate members. They also ensure that we are compliant with the relevant regulations governing the provision of the members’ insurance scheme. These changes will not impact the majority of members, but will mean a reduction in fees for those who choose to obtain their own professional indemnity insurance policy.

Q. How can I vote on the accounts etc. when I haven’t seen them?

A. A copy of the accounts and other relevant documents were linked to in an email sent on the 6 July 2020. They are also available in your members’ area of the CPAA website. If you need help accessing the members’ area of the CPAA website please email

Q. Why is there not a physical meeting for this years’ AGM?

A. Even though the AGM is held in September, we have to make arrangements for the meeting months in advance. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided it prudent not to hold a physical meeting this year.

Q. Is it legal for there not to be a physical meeting?

A. Yes. The Association’s Articles have allowed for online voting since 2015 and provisions within the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020.

Q. How will I be able to participate on the day?

A. If you are interested in attending on the day you should email and express your interest. Details of how to participate will be emailed to you nearer the date of the AGM.

Q. Why have you chosen to move the insurance away from Hiscox?

A. Hiscox informed the Association that they were unwilling to provide the scheme on the same terms. Hiscox’s proposal would have required members to purchase and pay for a policy directly with them. After exploring the market we feel that the insurance arranged with CNA delivers the best value for CPAA and its members.