Training Portal

The Association is proud to be both a forward facing organisation – constantly adapting to new technology and changing landscapes – while also holding firm to its founding principles and core membership. This is nowhere better represented than in how the Association offers CPD.

We are committed to more traditional forms of CPD, such as the fifteen seminars we hold three times a year, though we also have an impressive, and growing, online CPD offering. The Association’s dedicated Training Portal provides members with access to monthly tax updates and a host of other webinars provided by 2020 Innovations. Use of the Training Portal and the 2020 webinars are all included within the membership fee.

The Training Portal provides an excellent way for CPAA members to stay up-to-date. Webinars are very different from seminars – both have advantages over the other and both have different disadvantages. I believe the Association does a good job of providing members with options to pursue CPD in a way that is most appropriate to them – Lee Haywood, CPAA Education Officer  

New members are given information on the Training Portal once they have been accepted as members. Existing members, or perspective members, can find out more about the Portal by contacting the Association.