What we Do

The CPAA is here to represent, regulate and support accountants in practice. Everything the Association does revolves around this.

We are actively engaged in dialogue with UK government agencies, lenders, business, employers and other professional accountancy bodies. Through these dialogues we help to put forward the opinions, views and concerns of the practising accountant.

With a robust member complaints system, a challenging CPD requirement and on-going practice monitoring we are able to ensure that all CPAA accountants operate to the highest technical and ethical standards.

We offer a host of valuable benefits to each of our members – from insurances they need to a deeply engaging CPD offering.

We are an organisation owned  by our membership, operated as a not-for-profit in the public interest. The Association’s unique approach allows us to provide a truly unparalleled service to our members and the public.

The CPAA is an association which listens to its membership. I’ve found that other professional bodies have often been too large to focus upon the practicing accountant – they’re often only motivated by membership numbers and their own prestige. For example, no other association or institute is willing to invest in operating three seminars a year without any additional cost to members. - James Osborne, CPAA Member